Razor Clams

Clams, clams and more clams.

Could there be anything better then fried Razor Clams or a steaming bowl of Clam Chowder? I think not, and SVRV is located just a few miles from the best Razor Clamming beach in the world. Not only are they huge (as large as 8 inches!), but they're unusually sweet & tender too.

With a quick tutorial from some of the locals you will become an expert at ferreting out these hidden morsels below the sand. The usual limit is 60 and with bucket and shovel in hand you will soon be bringing home the spoils of a wonderful morning on the beach.

Razors are without question the most delicious and tender clams known. You can pay a local to clean them for you or do it yourself at our convenient cleaning station. Either way, "clamming" will be an experience you are sure to enjoy.


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